01: Metropolis

In the past, metropolis was the term used to designate a city. Many cities that were founded by ancient civilizations have been world metropolises of their times, mainly because of their large population and importance. Some ancient metropolises have made their way into the present and rank among the world’s continuously-inhabited spaces.

This publication is like a travel journal from street corners around the world, a collection of stories related to art and its relationship to the metropolis. You may have lived in a city or traveled to one. You may have felt like dying in a city or wanted to leave. A metropolis may be a source of ecstasy or anxiety, and it affects artistic output. Even if you feel part of a metropolis, your imagination may fly to cities in other worlds. The enthusiasm can be literal or poetic.

Metropolises can be catalysts, sources of energy… With perserverance and adaptation, we learn new ways of expressing ourselves.

This premier issue of Tunica explores the myriad relationships artists have with their cities.

Their voice is in constant dialog with the metropolis. From this dynamic, our journey begins… To quote the words of the great Ezra Pound, “All great art is born of the metropolis.” We think you will agree.

Many of the artworks were exclusively made for Tunica Magazine.

Founding editor-in-chief & Creative director

Jose C. Garcia

Editor & communication

Hoon Ju Ko

Art direction and design

Alva Studio

Copy editors

Jorge Clar


Jeremy Rodríguez
Kyle Bienvenu


Arnau Sala,Bubi Canal,Carly Rabalais, Damien Lafargue, Eleni Bagaki, Eric Shaw, Gorka, Villaescusa, Hiro Kurata, Hoon Ju Ko, Hugo Capablanca, Hvass&Hannibal, Iñaki Aizpitarte, John Talabot, Jordi Labanda, Jorge Clar, Juan Aizpitarte, Julien Pacaud, Kara Crabb, Laurent Cabut, Liza St. James, Llobregrat Balaguer, Lloyd Kahn, Lorena Sequeyro, Luis Dourado, Nanda F. Bredillard, Nicky Carvell, Nicolas Hosteing, Pablo Abad, Pablo Conejero, Shu Kojima, Sophie Van Der Perre, Tanja Siren, Victor Moreno, Zack Carlson


DongHwan Lee, Johnny Noh, KG, Iñaki Aizpitarte, Laurent Cabut, Hoon Ju Ko, Arnaud Nabos, Bráulio Amado, Kyle Bienvenu, Nicolas Zarza, Pedro Pan, Charles Louis-Aristide, Ray Simone, Susana Campayo, Joseph Montague, Angel Lizandro, Virginia Arrigucci. Thanks to all the contributors, friends and family who made this possible.