A tunic is any of several types of garment for the body. In biology, it is called a “coat” to various animal and plant tissues: layers covering bulbs and fruits, membranes of human body parts and tissues.


Tunica is a receptacle of international culture based in New York, which acts as a membrane to capture and showcase various talents, combine disciplines, and sharing ideas and styles.

To celebrate our first anniversary, with the summer and three past issues behind, we again present to all those extraordinary earthlings, with enthusiasm, this second issue. Just for this special moment, we printed a collective poster which includes the work of artists like Pedro Friedeberg, Micah Lidberg, Oriol Maspons, Ward Roberts and more… Jordy Van Den Nieuwendijk contributed a special illustration just for this issue of Tunica.

In continuous mutation, every issue will be spearheaded by different art directors, changing the scenery, not the essence. For this edition, we have relied upon the incalculable vision and expertise of our friends at Folch Studio. As a visionary prophecy, to have ideas fit in single and plural directions, we have that need for a loss of knowledge. We believe in a sense of continuous exploration, in the construction of a bridge between artists.

Tunica has the eternal and essential priority of communicating, diminishing the emphasis on who signs the artwork…we are against glorification and idolatry…we simply want genial people that can be found anywhere, art- ists from all over the world, wherever they may be. It is not necessary to be bohemian to be an artist. All are caught by this membrane.

We don’t want to change the world, we just want a world to live in. This is our idea of coexisting under a certain tunic, to revitalize… We will not stop discussing the culture and spreading information beyond the pages… as this publication wants to say:

Long live Tunica!

Founding editor-in-chief & creative director

Jose C. Garcia

Editor & communication

Hoon Ju Ko


Victor Esther

Art direction and design

Folch Studio

Copy editors

Julie Cummings
Jorge Clar

David Garcia Casado

Web editor

Urko Galdona


Oriol Maspons, Pedro Friedeberg, Kunstgeisserei, Felix Lehner, Lloyd Kahn, Robert Stadler, DIS Images, Ed Varie, Korakrit Arunanondchai, CANADA, Azazel Jacobs, Rapha‘l Garnier, Michal Pudelka, Claire Duport, Jonny Negron, Jordy Van Den Nieuwendijk, Martin Nicolausson, Micah Lidberg, David Garcia Casado, Nancy Whang, Sam Hillmer, Nicolas Stevenson, David Jien, Nacho Torra, Ann Woo, Jiajia Zhang, Jose C. Garcia, Kara Crabb, Kostis Fokas, Nico Krijno, Ward Roberts, Wayne Liu.


Ana Cabral Martins, Melissa J. Frost, Hugo Capablanca, Julie Cummings, Tanja Siren, Luisa Modesto, Charles Louis-Aristide, Roberto Salas, Liza St. James, Rafael Carbajal, Soraia Martins, Cristina Anglada, Jordi Segura, Eleni Bagaki, Santiago De La Puente, Leila Jacue, Carly Rabalais.